Aquaspec AQ40S LED Light for KRU Life Jackets, LIF2077

Aquaspec AQ40S LED Light for KRU life jackets
Manufacturer: KRU Lifejackets
SKU: LIF2077
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The AQ40S (LIF2077) is a unique flashing lifejacket light, automatically water activated by the sensor points or manually at the touch of a button. Its unique size and shape, combined with ease of attachment, has
made the AQ40S ideal for fitment to an inflatable life jacket, suitable for both leisure and commercial

Suitable for the KRU Sports and XF lifejackets.

Powerful white flashing LED dome light
With built-in sensor
Manual and automatic water activation
Functional and simple design
Fixing clip designed for easy attachment
Compact design
Maintenance-free five-year battery life
Tamper proof

Technical Specification:

  • Colour White LED
  • Activation Water Auto / Manual
  • Dimensions 50mm (h) x 22mm (w) x 31mm (d)
  • Weight 29 grams
  • Battery Type Lithium
  • Output Minimum 2.5cd Light
  • Duration Minimum 40hrs Light
  • Storage Life 5 Years from Date of Manufacture
  • Approvals SOLAS (LSA Code), IMO Res MSC 81(70), ISO24408

MED Shipswheel approved 0474/12

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