Express Lube - Fuel Doctor Diesel Bug Treatment

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Diesel bug is a serious problem for diesel marine engines, with the increased use of Bio diesel in fuel. Diesel bug can be an expensive and dangerous problem, causing a serious loss of power and often complete failure of the diesel fuel supply.

To solve this problem, we recommend Fuel Doctor as a diesel bug preventative. If not added you risk the need for specialist remedial work such as the removal of the boats fuel tank for cleaning, new fuel lines and filters, and the treatment of the diesel as well. FORMULATED FOR ALL FUELS, Fuel Doctor will reduce the free water and kill the diesel bug, reducing it to a microscopic particle, allowing the contamination to pass through the engine without harming your fuel filter.

The removal of the water kills the Diesel Bug, and Fuel Doctor then disperses clumps of dead bug, significantly reducing the chances of clogged filters and clean-up time in the aftermath of fungal infestation. Regular dosing protects against this annoying, costly problem.

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