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Ikaros Flare Packs are a safety must when you go on the water. Simply, they attract attention in or out of the water and are the ultimate way to attract attention. Your mobile, on the other hand, will not work if immersed.

Ikaros Flare Packs are packaged in a water-resistant and compact plastic bottle which is portable and easy to stow.

Features of the Coastal Pack

Two red parachute rockets

Two red handheld smoke flares

Two orange hand-held smoke flares

Supplied in a plastic bottle

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Picture of Inshore Flare Pack

Inshore Flare Pack

Retail Price: £80.66

You Pay: £64.95

Picture of Coastal Flare Pack

Coastal Flare Pack

Retail Price: £158.15

You Pay: £129.95

Coastal flare pack by Ikaros

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