Expresslube Fuel Doctor Diesel Bug Treatment, 1 litre

Diesel Bug can be an expensive and dangerous problem. Prevent diesel bug by using Fuel Doctor diesel bug treatment.
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Expresslube Fuel Doctor Diesel Bug Treatment. Size:1 litre.

Warning: If you do not treat your diesel with a bug additive, you will get diesel bug in your fuel tank! Diesel bug in diesel is preventable if you treat it. If not, the engine will stop at some point and the tank will have to be removed. 

Diesel bug is a growing problem for diesel marine engines, and the problem will only get worse with the increased use of Biodiesel in fuel.

To solve this problem, we recommend Fuel Doctor as a diesel bug preventative. If not added you risk the need for specialist remedial work such as the removal of the boat fuel tank for cleaning, all fuel lines and filters and the treatment of the diesel as well.

Diesel Bug can be an expensive and dangerous problem, causing a serious loss of power and often complete failure of the diesel engine. The use of Fuel Doctor prevents contamination and improves engine performance.

We have the centrifuge equipment to the clean fuel and tank should you find you have the problem. Better still, start to use Fuel Doctor before you do.

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