GS-1 Gullsweep 6 ft Seagull Scarer

Manufacturer: Gullsweep
Delivery date: 1-2 days
You Pay: £49.95

This is the original 6 ft Gullsweep. Gullsweep® works because the red vanes are designed to look like a bird of prey to a Seagull. No other similar product can match the effectiveness of Gullsweep® in eliminating Seagull mess on your boat. The original and the best Gull scarer available. 

The primary objective of the Gullsweep® is to make gulls uncomfortable so they will select another roosting sight. Every bird has their predators and so they are always in a survival mode. Gullsweep® by its very unique nature creates that unknown fear that the moving object represents a potential danger.

The unique "Bird of Prey" patented design, provides total protection form Gulls creating mess on your boat. 
If a gull has been roosting, it is most important to clean up the residue promptly. Seagull poo tells another seagull that its is a safe place to roost.

Gullsweep® are not expensive and can be easily mounted, dismounted and stored quickly when boating so that using several on a boat is very realistic and more effective.

This new model has a built in retainer kit to stop your Gullsweep falling off its mounting pin.

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