GS-2 Gullsweep 3 ft Seagull Scarer twin pack

Manufacturer: Gullsweep
SKU: GS-2 Twin Pack
Delivery date: 1-2 days
Retail Price: £99.90
You Pay: £94.95

This is a 3 ft version twin pack of the proven Gullsweep design now with a retainer kit included. Gullsweep® works because the red vanes are designed to look like a bird of prey to a Seagull. No other similar product can match the effectiveness of Gullsweep® in eliminating Seagull mess on your boat. The original and the best Gull scarer available. 

The primary objective of the Gullsweep® is to make gulls uncomfortable so they will select another roosting sight. Every bird has their predators and so they are always in a survival mode. Gullsweep® by its very unique nature creates that unknown fear that the moving object represents a potential danger.

The unique "Bird of Prey" patented design, provides total protection form Gulls creating mess on your boat. 
If a gull has been roosting, it is most important to clean up the residue promptly. Seagull poo tells another seagull that its is a safe place to roost.v

Gullsweep® are not expensive and can be easily mounted, dismounted and stored quickly when boating so that using several on a boat is very realistic and more effective.

This new 3ft model Gullsweep has a built in retainer kit to stop your Gullsweep falling off its mounting pin. Order online now or call 01326 370060 to order your's today and say good bye to Seagull problems.

Part Number: GS-2 twin pack

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