GS-SBB Sail boom mount

Manufacturer: Gullsweep
Delivery date: 1-2 days
Retail Price: £38.95
You Pay: £32.95

GS-SBB Sail boat boom mount or wrapped bimini cover. 

Takes seconds to put in place and seconds to remove and store when your boat is running.
Gullsweep® performs best when it is level to the water.

Designed like a saddle to fit over any Boom or Bimini bundle. 
Tough & durable canvas construction. 
Large end rope loops for tie down. 
Measures 9” x 23” 
Weight 0.4kg 

Best for Booms, wrapped bimini covers, or other applications that may suit. 
Alloy rope securing wedge included. 
Non slip rubber inner liner 

Best for wrapped up bimini canvas tops, or to mount a Gullsweep on a boom.

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