GS-SBB. Sail boom mount for Gullsweep

Sail boom or Bimini mount for Gullsweep
Manufacturer: Gullsweep
Delivery date: 1-2 days
You Pay: £39.95

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GS-SBB. Sailboat boom mount or for wrapped bimini cover. 

Gullsweep® performs best when it is level to the water.

Designed like a saddle to fit over any Boom or Bimini.
Tough & durable canvas construction. 
Large end rope loops for tie-down. 
Measures 9” x 23” 
Weight 0.4kg 

Best for a sail boom or wrapped bimini covers, or other applications that may suit. 
Alloy rope securing wedge included. 
Non-slip rubber inner liner 

Best for wrapped up bimini canvas tops, or to mount a Gullsweep on a boom.

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