Gullsweep Seagull scarer for boats

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A Gullsweep seagull scarer fitted to your boat will keep it clean and seagull-free. Gullsweep is the original and the best seagull scarer available.

Each Gullsweep comes complete with all the necessary parts to install it on any boat. Optional installation pads, longer mounting pins, and two sizes of G clamp are also available to make life easier. Keep Seagulls off your boat with Gullsweep.

Gullsweep is the original and only seagull scarer that works on a boat. Gullsweep works because the red vanes are designed to look like a bird of prey to a Seagull. No other similar product can match the effectiveness of Gullsweep in eliminating the Seagull mess on your boat. The original and the best Gull scarer available.

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