KRU Auto Life Jacket UM33g re arm pack LIF2880

Manufacturer: KRU
SKU: LIF2880
Delivery date: 1-2 days
You Pay: £20.44

KRU automatic inflation life jacket 33g re-arming pack.

The United Moulders (UM) KRU life jacket inflator (LIF2880) uses a screw on cartridge and activates when it comes into contact with water. This re arming pack is suitable for the KRU Sports, KRU and XF Lifejacket

The cartridge mechanism has a compressed high powered spring which is held by a paper element. When the paper element dissolves it releases the spring which allows the firing mechanism to puncture the CO2 cylinder, the CO2 then travels through the manifold and inflates the lifejacket. The Automatic system is backed up by a manual override, which allows the user to pull the toggle and inflate the lifejacket

This re arming pack is suitable for the KRU Sports and XF.

The postage is expensive due to the restrictions on sending explosive items by courier.

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