KRU Sport, auto with harness lifejacket in carbon and red, LIF7341

Comfortable, lightweight professional automatic KRU Sports life jacket in different colours with a built-in harness for added security. A good choice for a lifejacket that people will wear.
Manufacturer: KRU Lifejackets
SKU: LIF7341
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The KRU Sports lifejacket in carbon and red with a harness is particularly popular with all who are looking for a stylish, comfortable, fully automatic offshore jacket made in the UK.

This fully automatic jacket has a removable crotch strap and harness for extra security, and wave barrier technology which will flip your head out of the water in under 5 seconds. Comfort is vital in a lifejacket - if it's comfortable - then you will wear it all of the time, which is vital for your safety.

The KRU Sport lifejacket is comfortable and compact. This life jacket is ISO 170N approved. It has been designed for all weather conditions and offshore use. The wearer is placed on their back keeping airways raised above the water. The interlocking bladder blocks the flow of water into the wearers' airways, massively reducing the risk of secondary drowning.

Model: LIF7341 - Auto with Harness Life Jacket in Carbon and Red.

KRU is currently one of the few manufacturers with a full range of ISO approved lifejackets. Whether your requirement is for occasional day sailing or super yacht, deep sea yachting, KRU can provide the full range of ISO approved lifejackets for adults, professionals and children.

The most comfortable professional life jacket made today and voted the best buy by Motor Boats Monthly.

The KRU Sport uses a UM 33g refill.

Click here for the KRU Sport, auto with harness product, specification and measurements datasheet

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