KRU XF Junior auto inflation lifejacket with harness in red, LIF7569

Children's full feature life jacket, automatic with crotch strap and stainless D ring harness. It's the model our own children wear! Ideal from about 6 - 8 years upwards to about 12 years old, depending on child's weight and height.
Manufacturer: KRU Lifejackets
SKU: LIF7569
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The Kru Junior lifejacket has 115 Newtons of buoyancy. 

The KRU "Junior" children's auto lifejacket comes with an integrated crotch strap for extra safety, improved floatation angle in the water and height adjustment tunnels on the rear backstrap. It also has a built-in stainless harness D ring.

Intended to fit children of 15-40kg, it comes in an automatic version only which means that the lifejacket will inflate on water entry, but there is also a manual override in the unlikely case of an emergency.

  • Easy front donning
  • Side adjustment for a bespoke fit
  • Stainless steel D-ring for safety harness
  • Single crotch strap eliminating ride up
  • Durable Outer cover
  • Single back strap
  • Contoured neck for additional comfort and in-water support
  • ISO approved 115N
  • AIS ready
  • Automatic inflation
  • Uses UM 24g refill, Part Number LIF2875

KRU is currently one of the few manufacturers with a full range of ISO approved lifejackets. Whether your requirement is for occasional day sailing or super yacht, deep sea yachting, KRU can provide the full range of ISO approved lifejackets for adults, professionals and children.

The most comfortable professional life jackets made today.

Model: LIF7569 Auto with Harness Junior for 15 - 40kg child

Uses UM24G United Moulders replacement cylinder. (Part Number LIF2875)

Click here for the KRU XF Junior, auto with harness product, specification and measurements datasheet

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