Lucas 12V, 34AH AGM-GEL Marine Outboard Battery

Electric outboard battery for all Motorguide outboards up to 4hp (55lb thrust)
Manufacturers: Lucas , Numax
SKU: LSLC34 Marine
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Lucas AGM 34AMP/HR electric outboard battery.

This AGM battery is ideal to run an electric outboard such as the Motorguide 55lb thrust listed on this site. To give you an indication as to how long this should last under normal use, it should take you ashore and back to a boat based on 500 yards, about 30 times.

This AGM battery must be charged as per the instructions. 

Voltage: 12V
Capacity: 34Ah
Dimensions: 19.6 x 13 x 16.8 cm
Terminals: 2
Weight: 11 Kg
Model No.: LSLC34 Marine sealed

Max Current: 330 amps - 5 seconds

Charging: 14.4 -14.7 volts

Trickle charge only (13.5- 13.8 amps)

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