Mariner F115 ELPT EFI CT outboard

Mariner F115 ELPT EFI CT outboard with a 5 year warranty
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F115 ELPT EFI CT 4 stroke- New lightweight outboard with improved power and Command Thrust (CT) gearbox

Need more muscle? Upgrade to a Command Thrust model with its larger gear case and 2.38:1 gear ratio. Paired with Mercury’s V-6-class big-diameter propellers, these new 115hp four strokes deliver even better acceleration, awesome manoeuvrability and superior stopping power.

The larger “Command Thrust” gear case provides more leverage to lift heavier hulls onto plane and keep them on plane at lower speeds. The 2.38:1 gear ratio lets the engine spin up more rapidly, developing torque at a faster rate.

Mariner are offering a 115hp four stroke with left-hand rotation. The addition of a counter-rotation model provides neutral steering feel and superior handling in a twin-engine rig. Two 115 Command Thrust engines on the transom provide the manoeuvrability and get-home safety of higher-horsepower twins – at a much lower price.

Mariner’s 115hp mid-range Four-Stroke is simply more powerful, much lighter and cheaper than any other outboard brand. All the features of the larger models and a brand leading engine capacity of 2100 cc. The effortless power supply is smoother and quieter than ever, thanks to the rigid engine and use of acoustic foam within the re-styled cowl. It all adds up to even greater enjoyment on the water. The Command Thrust gearbox is a first in this range meaning you get a larger gear case on a smaller power head.


Best in class 2.1 litre displacement. Lightest in class at 163 kg.
World class hydrodynamic gear case
Exclusive focused mount system for reduced vibration.
Computer controlled. Easy, reliable starting (hot or cold).
35 amp alternator for charging at lower rpm speeds.
Special bearings with a pressurized lubrication system reduce wear.
Audio warning system monitors vital engine functions
Rear mounted flush port for added protection and convenience.

Inherent 4-stroke characteristics include quiet, smooth operation 
40% better fuel economy than comparable 2-stroke models.

Running Quality
Low-noise combustion process and sound-dampening cowls for extremely smooth and quiet operation.

Shaft Length: 508 mm (Long Shaft)
Four valves per cylinder.
Dual overhead cam design which maximizes hole shot, torque and efficiency.
Desmodronic Shift System provides smooth reliable shifting and years of trouble free operation.

5-Year Warranty
Five-year limited non-declining, factory-backed. Conditions and exclusions apply. Not applicable for commercial and racing applications.

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Product Specifications
CC2100cc 84.6kw
Gear Ratio2.07:1
Shaft Length508mm
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