Mariner F6MH 6 HP Outboard

Mariner F6MH, 6 HP short shaft outboard. Lightweight portable 6hp Mariner short shaft 4 stroke, supplied with a 5 year warranty.
Manufacturer: Mariner
Delivery date: 1-2 days
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F6MH Standard Shaft 4 stroke.

The F4, F5 and F6 carry on the tradition of offering big motor features with the small motor economy. Lightweight yet durable materials make these engines easier than ever to handle while water-cooling with thermostatic control provides for dependable, reliable operation. Ease of use is ensured thanks to features such as a twist-grip throttle on the tiller and a manual choke which makes cold starting a breeze. Add the largest displacement powerhead in the class and you’ve got the complete solution to reliable and dependable family boating.

Integral 1.2 ltr fuel tank
Optional 12L and 25 Litres quick release tank available.

CDI Ignition offers maintenance-free dependability and easy starting. 
Superior corrosion protection provides longer life.

Large displacement engine provides excellent low to mid-range power. 
Quiet, smooth-running and smoke-free operation.

Running Quality
Through prop, exhaust buries the engine noise underwater (F4/F5/F6). 
6 trim positions plus shallow water drive allow easy access to remote areas. 
Vibration isolated twist grip throttle provides a smooth interaction with the engine.

Visual low-pressure warning system. 
Decompression system for quick, effortless one hand starting.

5-Year Warranty
Five-year limited non-declining, factory-backed. Conditions and exclusions apply. Not applicable for commercial and racing applications.

Product Specifications
CC 123cc 4.5kw
Power 6HP
Cylinders One
Gear Ratio 2.15:1
Stroke Four
Tank 1.2l
Starter Manual
Control Tiller
Shaft Length 381mm
Tilt Manual
Weight 25kg
Information Sheet Show Mariner 4HP - 6HP Information Sheet  Mariner 4HP - 6HP
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