Mariner Fuel Lines

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Genuine Mariner / Mercury fuel lines are available by mail order. These Quicksilver branded fuel lines are the genuine fitment for Mariner and Mercury outboards. They are supplied with the correct ends for quick release and available in 8 ft and 12 ft lengths.

We strongly recommend that only Genuine OEM Marner/ Mercury parts and anodes are fitted to your engine to ensure the safety of you and your family out at sea.

Fuel should be purged from your outboard at the end of each season as it breaks down after about 3 weeks in an open container such as a fuel tank. Please look at the fuel additives such as Quicksilver Quickstor available within this site for further information.

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Picture of Quicksilver 12 Litre Quick Release Fuel Tank, Part Number 1200-8M0083449
Picture of Quicksilver 12ft Quick Release Fuel line,Part Number 32-8M0054327
Picture of Quicksilver 25 Litre Quick Release Fuel Tank, Part Number 1200-8M0083451
Picture of Quicksilver 25 Litre Quick Release Fuel Tank, Part Number 1200-8M0083452
Picture of Quicksilver 8ft Quick Release Fuel line Part Number 32-8M0054325
Picture of Quicksilver Engine End Fuel Connector, Part Number 22-13563Q3
Picture of Quicksilver Fuel Tank End Connector, Part Number 22-13563Q7
Picture of Quicksilver Outboard Primer Bulb, Part Number 8M0054313
Picture of Quicksilver Water Separating Fuel Filter Kit, Part Number 35-802893Q4
Picture of Quicksilver Threaded Hose Barb Threaded Hose Tail, Part Number 22-89771Q2
Picture of Mercury Quickare Fuel Treatment, Part Number 92-8M0079743
Picture of Mercury Quickleen Engine and Fuel System Cleaner, Part Number 92-8M0079744
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