Mariner Mercury 300 hour service kit for F25 and F30 hp 0R106999 and up, Part Number 8M0120839

Genuine service kit for Mariner and Mercury F25 and F30 hp 4-Stroke outboards. Free postage on this item and any other Mariner, Quicksilver or Mercury product ordered at the same time. (refunded after purchasing within 48 hrs)
Manufacturers: Barrus , Mercury
SKU: 8M0120839
Delivery date: 1-2 days
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Genuine service kit for Mariner and Mercury F25 and F30 hp 4-Stroke outboards, part number 8M0120839.

This genuine service kit contains:

Oil Filter
Fuel filter
Oil drain seal
Gearcase drain seals
Thermostat gasket
Spark plugs
Water pump impeller kit

Lubricants required: 1.8 (F25) or 3 litres (F30) of engine oil and 441 millilitres (665 for Big Foot or CT) of gear lube.

25W-40 mineral, 1 litre, part number 92-8M0086223 (Good)
25W-40 mineral, 4 litres, part number 92-8M0086224 (Good)
25W-40 synthetic, 1 litre, part number 92-8M0086226 (Best)
25W-40 synthetic, 4 litres, part number 92-8M0086227 (Best)

High-performance gear oil with pump, 1 litre, part number 91-8M0050053.

Please note; Free postage on this item within the UK. If ordered at the same time, we will refund the postage for any oil, grease, touch-up paints or any other Mariner, Mercury or Quicksilver products after receiving the order, within 48 hours.

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