Mercruiser 19P propeller, part number 48-832830A45

Mercruiser 19P Black Max is the propeller type used on Alpha one Gen 2 Sterndrives. This Mercruiser 19 pitch propeller comes with a new Flo-Torq hub kit and free UK delivery.
Manufacturers: Mercruiser , Mercury , Barrus
SKU: 48-832830A45
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Mercruiser Black Max Aluminium 19 inch Pitch (19P) propeller.

The Mercury Mercruiser Black Max 19P is the propeller type used on Alpha one Gen 2 Sterndrives. Each genuine Mercruiser prop comes with a new Flo-Torq hub kit.

If your replacing your existing Alpha One prop and are not sure what size you have, look between the blades and you will see stamped into the casting, a figure such as 19P or the part number. This means you have a 19-inch pitch Mercruiser propeller.

To correctly size your prop, the boat should be tested with a clean bottom, a full tank of fuel and one person on board. If you can reach maximum revs as per the engine spec, then you have the correct prop fitted. If the engine over revs, go up 1 or 2 sizes, i.e. from a 19P to 21P. If you cannot reach maximum revs, then you will need to drop down 1or 2 sizes, i.e. from 21P to 19P.

Each Mercury Black Max propeller is supplied with a Flo Torq II Kit, Part number 835257Q1 suitable for an Alpha One Gen 2 Sterndrive.

If your Mercruiser propeller is damaged, consider changing it as vibration will damage the Sterndrive and it can cause water to enter the gearbox.

Size; 14 1/2 x 19 R/H Alumunium 3 blade prop

Fits: Mercruiser Alpha One Gen 2 Sterndrives

Mercruiser Part No: 48-832830A45

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