Mercruiser Diesel Cooling System and Heat Exchanger Anode, Part Number 97-879194217

Manufacturers: Quicksilver , Barrus
SKU: 97-879194217
Delivery date: 1-2 days
You Pay: £48.91

Mercruiser Diesel Zinc Anode for use in cooling system or heat exchanger on Mercruiser Diesel engines

Quicksilver, by Mercury Marine, parts and accessories meet the same tough standards and testing as Mercury, Mariner & Mercruiser engines do. So when you purchase Quicksilver parts and accessories, you can be sure that you’re getting world leading products that are designed with you and your engine in mind for the peace of mind you need to best enjoy your time on the water.

CMD 2.8 EI 165
CMD 2.8 ES 165
CMD 4.2 EI 250
CMD 4.2 EI 300 VM 254 I/L6
CMD 4.2 ES 250
CMD 4.2 ES 300 VM 254 I/L6
CMD 4.2 MI 200
CMD 4.2 MI 230
CMD 4.2 MS 200
CMD 4.2 MS 230
D2.8L/165 D-TRONIC VM 169 I/L4
D254 TURBO AC (BRAVO) VM 254 I/L6 1990-1993
D254 TURBO AC (BRAVO) VM 254 I/L6 1990-1993
D254 TURBO AC VM 254 I/L6 1990-1993
D254 TURBO AC VM 254 I/L6 1990-1993
D3.0L (BRAVO) VM 183 I/L5 1994-1997
D3.0L VM 183 I/L5 1994-1995
D3.6L (BRAVO) VM 219 I/L6
D3.6L VM 219 I/L6
D3.6L W (BRAVO) (EXPORT) VM 219 I/L6 1996
D4.2L/200 LD VM 254 I/L6
D4.2L/220 IDI VM 254 I/L6
D4.2L/250 D-TRONIC VM 254 I/L6
D4.2L/300 D-TRONIC VM 254 I/L6

Quicksilver Part No: 97-879194217
Previous part number: 816000

If you need to order multiple items from our shop, we will reduce the postage costs when processing your order, or call us on 01326 370060. We will send any amount of Mercruiser or Mariner/ Mercury parts out to you for £7.50 in total via TNT. Please note we are only able to despatch within the UK.

We are main dealers for Mercruiser in Cornwall and all our products are Genuine OEM UK main dealer supplied products from Barrus UK.

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