Mercruiser Fuel Filters

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Genuine Quicksilver Fuel Filters for Mercruiser available by mail order. Mercruiser / Quicksilver fuel filters are made to OEM standards to withstand the harsh environment in which Mercruiser inboard engines operate. Quicksilver fuel filters should be changed at the end of each season and the fuel treated with Quickare to prevent the fuel from going off.

We recommend that any engine should be fitted with a Pre Filter such as the Quicksilver Water Fuel separator kit, Part Number 35-802893Q4 for extra protection.

Why jeopardize your families safety and risk damage to your outboard by having water in the fuel that can often lead to corrosion in the carburettor or fuel system.

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Picture of Quicksilver Water Separating Fuel Filter, Part Number 35-802893Q01
Picture of Quicksilver Water Separating Fuel Filter Kit, Part Number 35-802893Q4
Picture of Quicksilver Threaded Hose Barb Threaded Hose Tail, Part Number 22-89771Q2
Picture of Mercruiser 3 litre Fuel Filter, Part Number 35-8M0046752
Picture of Racor Water Separating Fuel Filter Head Unit Bracket, Part Number 89876A3
Picture of Racor Replacement Water Separating Fuel Filter Element, Part Number 35-8M0103095
Picture of Racor Water Separating Fuel Filter, Part Number 35-8M0116793
Picture of Racor Water Separating Filter, Part Number 35-8M0103096
Picture of Mercury Quickare Fuel Treatment, Part Number 92-8M0079743
Picture of Mercury Quickleen Engine and Fuel System Cleaner, Part Number 92-8M0079744
Picture of Mercury Quickstor Fuel Stabilizer, Part Number 92-8M0079745
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