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Mercruiser propellers, available by mail order.

Mercruiser propellers are available by mail order. Genuine Mercruiser Propellers are the OEM fitment for all Mercruiser Sterndrives. On Alpha One Gen 2, they are available in 15" pitch, 17" pitch, 19" pitch, 21" pitch and 23" pitch.

If you are unsure as to what size you need, We can help. Call 01326 370060. All new props come with a hub kit as part of the offer. You should only fit Genuine OEM Mercury Mercruiser Propellers, filters, oils and anodes to your engine and drive to ensure the safety of you and your family out at sea.


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Picture of Mercury Black Max Aluminium 15 inch Pitch 15P Propeller, Part Number 48-78116A45
Picture of Mercury Black Max Aluminium 17 inch Pitch 17P Propeller, Part Number 48-832828A45
Picture of Mercury Black Max Aluminium 19 inch Pitch 19P Propeller, Part Number 48-832830A45
Picture of Mercury Black Max Aluminium 21 inch Pitch 21P Propeller, Part Number 48-832832A45
Picture of Mercury Black Max Aluminium 23 inch Pitch 23P Propeller, Part Number 48-832834A45
Picture of Quicksilver Flo Torq II Kit for Alpha One Gen 2, Part Number 835257Q1
Picture of Quicksilver EDP Propeller Black Spray Paint, Part Number 92-802878Q50
Picture of Mercruiser Sterndrive Flushing Muffs Kit, Part Number 44357Q2
Picture of Quicksilver Extreme Grease, Part Number 92-8M0071841
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