Mercruiser Sterndrive Parts

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Mercruiser Sterndrives use Quicksilver genuine parts for servicing. Mercruiser oils and lubricants should always be used in any Mercruiser sterndrives. Mercruiser oils are formulated to perform and protect your inboard and non-OEM oil should never be used. We have seen too many engines fail because the wrong oils were used.

Sterndrive bellows should be checked every year and changed every two years, together with the gear change cable on an Alpha One Gen 2 sterndrive. Gearbox oil must be changed every autumn to prevent water ingress in the gearbox.

Genuine Mercruiser Oils and Lubricants are made to exacting standards to withstand the harsh saltwater environment in which marine engines operate. They are not expensive and all Quicksilver products perform well in harsh saltwater environments. Why risk you or your family or your engine out at sea by using non-OEM parts?

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