Motorguide R3-30HT 30lb 12 Volt, 2 hp electric outboard, Part Number 940100170

Motorguide R3 30 HT 30lbs 12 Volt 7-speed electric outboard ideal for small tenders, weighing 6kg.
Manufacturer: Motorguide
SKU: 940100170
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Motorguide R3 30 HT 30lbs 12 Volt 7 Speed Electric Outboard with a 30-inch shaft. These electric outboards never need to be serviced, weight very little and can be used with a Lucas AGM battery or a Numax dual-use battery.

They have a very wide clamp and can be locked on using an OML 195 outboard lock if needed. It only weighs 6kg and so is very portable.

Motorguide electric outboards can be used as an auxiliary to the main engine or for a tender as the main engine. 30 lb of thrust is approximately 2hp.

Model: R3-30HT30

30 pounds of thrust
12 volts
5 forward and 2 reverse speeds
Weight 6.1kg

Warranty: 2 Year Leisure Limited Warranty

Suitable for saltwater and freshwater use

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