Ocean Safety ACR Rapid Ditch Bag Express

Manufacturer: Ocean Safety
SKU: SUR0187
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ACR Rapid Ditch Bag Express, Part Number SUR0187

Buoyant Abandon Ship Survival Gear Bag, which can be mounted to a bulkhead on a soft bracket (included)

The ACR Rapid Ditch Bag Express is a buoyant abandon-ship survival gear bag which holds all the equipment needed to abandon ship in an emergency and should be stowed away for easy access in a waterproof locker until necessary to use.

The Rapid Ditch bag floats because it is constructed from a closed cell foam material which provides innate buoyancy. The shoulder strap functions as a tether leaving your hands free to activate location devices. External pockets allow for easy access to EPIRB and GPS devices for quick activation. The water resistant rugged fabric is durable and features a self repairing zipper.


Holds all equipment needed to abandon ship
Versatile stowage pockets
Four snap-hook tethers
Water resistant
External pockets
Large capacity holds essential gear for abandon-ship situations
Bag mounts to bulkhead via soft bracket (included) or stows in easy access location
Four snap-hook tethers keep product in place
Closed cell life jacket-type foam construction
Internal pockets, elastic daisy chain organiser
Water-resistant, rugged fabric 600 denier polyester with large self-repairing zippers
Built in tether strap for bag to allow hands-free use in water
External pocket allows for instant access to EPIRB

Overall size: 48.26 W x 38.10 H x 17.78 D cm

Acts as a complete boat holdall for daily use.

Part Number: SUR 0187


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