Quicksilver 25W-40 engine oil, 4 Litres, Part Number 92-8M0086224

Quicksilver mineral engine oil for outboards and inboards, that use 25W-40.
Manufacturers: Quicksilver , Barrus
SKU: 92-8M0086224
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Quicksilver mineral engine oil 25W-40, 4 Litres.

This FC-W certified 25W-40 blend can be used in any marine outboard or Sterndrive inboard that requires 25W-40 viscosity.

Similar levels of corrosion protection as semi-synthetic.
Exceeds FC-W Catalyst compatible requirements.
25W-40 approved for all outboards, stern drives and inboard engines. 

Marine engines are subjected to much higher loads and running stresses than automotive engines. Marine engines continually work at higher RPM levels compared to passenger cars so your choice of marine grade oil has to be able to take the heat as well as deal with low temperatures of the water that cools the engine.

Size; 4 Litres
Spec: SAE 25W-40 mineral oil

Quicksilver Part No: 92-8M0086224

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