Quicksilver SPORT HD 470 PVC Heavy Duty Inflatable Rib

Manufacturers: Quicksilver , Barrus
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Quicksilver SPORT HD 470 PVC Heavy Duty Inflatable Rib

Like all Heavy-Duty XS models, the 470 is featured with a cart-like grip, an extra stability and an extra lift. The usage of two speed tubes reduces the contact surface with the water at higher speed, and thus resulting in greater stability.

All XS models are equipped with a dark coloured safety rope from bow to stern and an exceptionally resistant aluminium floor.

Powered by a 60HP outboard motor this boat will get you quickly to your favourite diving or offshore fishing spot.


Five-year limited warranty on fabric and air holding seams
Red-tube boats easy to spot. Used for rescue or coastal surveillance, also chosen by divers and anglers to be easily spotted at sea
Designed with the new rear cones, decreasing the craft’s length while maintaining its inner space
XS floor made of aluminium which is exceptionally resistant
Can be equipped with a Jockey Sport console and Comfort Pack
Catamaran shaped like hull with 2 extra tubes next to the main one
Can be equipped with an engine up to 60 HP, enabling a rescue team to quickly get to the scene in case of an emergency.

Specifications: Heavy-Duty 470 XS

Overall length: 470 cm
Overall beam: 194 cm
Tube diameter: 45 cm
Maximum engine weight: 110 kg
Maximum load: 1200 kg

Shaft length: L (long)
Maximum power: 60 hp (36.78 kw)
Minimum power: 25 hp 
Number of air chambers: 5 + keel
Boat's weight: 110 kg
Maximum number of people: 10
CE category: C

Bagged dimensions:175 x 78 x 48 cm
Inflatable keel: Yes
Floor type: Rigid floor in sections

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