Quicksilver Water Separating Fuel Filter Kit, Part Number 35-802893Q4

Manufacturers: Quicksilver , Barrus
SKU: 35-802893Q4
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Quicksilver Fuel Filter Kit for all petrol Mercruiser engines and any outboard being fed from a built in or external fuel tank.

If you need to order multiple items from our shop, we will reduce the postage costs when processing your order, or call us on 01326 370060. We will send any amount of Mercruiser or Mariner/ Mercury parts out to you for £7.50 in total via TNT. Please note we are only able to despatch within the UK.

Water in the fuel system can cause poor engine performance and can even cause engine damage. In addition to fuel additives, water separating fuel filters also offer a great line of defence in keeping your fuel system free of water and other impurities

Quicksilver fuel filters are constructed of the highest quality materials. Their unique filtration system screens out particles smaller that 1/1000th of an inch. The metal shell is over 50% thicker than conventional filters. The inside of the filter is epoxy-coated so it doesn’t rust. Why risk buying cheaper oil and fuel filters, when you can buy the product specifically developed for your engine. It is recommended that you change your oil and fuel filter after every 100 hours of normal use or minimally at the end of each season.

We are main dealers for Mercruiser in Cornwall and all our products are Genuine OEM UK main dealer supplied products from Barrus UK.

Fits; Can be fitted to all petrol inboard and outboards for added protection from water and dirt in the fuel.
It is recommended that an inline Quicksilver fuel filter kit be fitted to any inboard or outboard with a built in or portable fuel tank over about 8hp.

Quicksilver Part No: 35-802893Q4

Please note this quicksilver fuel filter kit does not come with the hose tails. Please refer to Quicksilver part number 22-89771Q2. (Two required)

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