Verado 300 Hour service kit for L6 Verado from 2B144123 and above, Part Number 8M0133617

Genuine 300-hour service kit for Verado L6 4-Stroke, 200 - 300HP outboards from 2B144123 and above. Free postage on this item and any other Mariner, Quicksilver or Mercury product ordered at the same time. (refunded after purchasing within 48 hrs)
Manufacturers: Barrus , Mercury
SKU: 8M0133617
Delivery date: 1-2 days
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Genuine service kit for from 2B144123 and above outboards, part number 8M0133617.

This genuine service kit contains:

1 Oil Filter 35-877769Q01 / 35-877769K01
1 Hose clamp 54-888988011
1 Water Separator Fuel Filter 35-8M0095659
1 Low-pressure fuel strainer 35-8M0090809
2 Gear-case Drain Seals 26-830749
1 Water pump repair kit 8M0094529
1 Oil Drain Seal 26-888593
6 Spark plugs 33-889246Q39 ILFR6G-E
1 Thermostat assembly 892864T06
1 Anode kit 710-8M0058677
1 Drive belt 57-8M0142251

Lubricants required (not included): 4 litres of engine oil +1 litre of gear lube.

Quicksilver Synthetic 4 Stroke Outboard Oil 4L - Verado- 92-8M0086227

High-performance gear oil with pump, 1 litre, part number 91-8M0050053.

Please note; Free postage on this item within the UK. If ordered at the same time, we will refund the postage for any oil, grease, touch-up paints or any other Mariner, Mercury or Quicksilver products after receiving the order, within 48 hours.

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