Volvo Penta 10 micron fuel filter insert twin pack, part number 861014

Volvo Penta 10-micron fuel filter inserts twin pack for the Volvo Penta fuel and water separator. This insert is 78 mm by 70 mm high and may have "Racor 2010TM" on the top to help identify it.
Manufacturer: Volvo Penta
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Volvo Penta 10-micron fuel filter insert, part number 861014 for the Racor 500 series and Volvo Penta fuel and water separator, part number 877762. A fuel water separator is installed between the fuel tank and the engine, to protect the fuel system from water and contamination such as diesel bug.

Spare fuel filter inserts should always be carried as spares incase the pre filter blocks, preventing fuel entering the engine fuel system. At least two spare filters should be carried at all times. 

Volvo Penta Part No: 861014
Specification: 10-micron.

Height: 70mm,
Diameter: 78mm

For: Twin pack fuel filter inserts for pre filter 877762, 877763, 877764, 41109001, 22677639 and any Racor 500 turbine series water fuel separator filter.

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