Volvo Penta 2 blade 1 1/4" folding propeller hub kit, Part Number 21630724

Genuine 2 bladed, folding propeller hub kit for a shaft of 1 1/4", a taper of 1:16 and keyway wedge of 5/16".
Manufacturer: Volvo Penta
SKU: 21630724
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Volvo Penta 2 Blade Folding Propeller Hub Kit

Genuine 2 bladed folding propeller hub kit. Each hub includes the Zinc anodes and locking fluid.

For hubs fitted to a shaft, you will need to order the correct sized tab washer, locking nut and key for the shaft wedge. 

The information below assumes you have a standard metric (1:10 taper) or SAE standard shaft (1:16 taper) fitted to your yacht. 

For 25 mm shaft, the key should be 6 mm, part number 873474
For 30 mm shaft, the key should be 8 mm, part number 873487
For 1" shaft, the key should be 1/4”
For 1 1/4" shaft, the key should be key 5/16”

M16 Tab washer, Part number 873475, M16 Nut for prop shaft, Part Number 873473
M20 Tab washer, Part Number 873488, M20 Nut for prop shaft, Part Number 873486

Please note, a blade kit is required to complete the installation.

Volvo Penta Part Number: 21630724

For: Shaft 1 1/4", cone ratio 1:16, wedge 5/16"

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