Volvo Penta 280, 290, DP-E Sterndrive exhaust bellow kit, Part Number 876631

Sterndrive exhaust bellow kit for 280, 290, DP-E and other Sterndrives. These kits include the Jubilee clips. Exhaust bellows should be inspected regularly and changed every 1-2 years.
Manufacturer: Volvo Penta
SKU: 876631
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Volvo Penta 280, 290, DP-E sterndrive exhaust bellow kit without exhaust flap. This kit comes with new Jubilee clips. This kit also fits other outdrives - see below for details.

Volvo Penta Part No: 876631

For Volvo Penta Drive: 250, 270, 270B, 270C, 270D, 270SP, 275, 275A, SP-A/MT, 280, 280B, 280C, 280D, 280E, 280SP, 280DP, 290, 290A, 290B, 290, 290SP, 290SP-A, 290A-DP, 290-DP.

DP-A, DP-A1, SP-E, DP-E, 270T, 280T-DP, DP-A2, DP-B, DP-B1, SP-A1, SP-A2, SP-C

DP-C, DP-D, DP-D1, DP-D2, DP-C1, 280T, 280PT, DPX, DPX-C, DPX-R, DPX-S

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