Volvo Penta 300mm Interceptor Boat Trim Installation Kit, Part Number 23983553

This is a full installation kit for the Volvo Penta 300mm long interceptor or BTS. (Boat trim system)
Manufacturer: Volvo Penta
SKU: 23983553
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Volvo Penta Interceptor Boat Trim System kit, 300mm wide.

With its patented interceptor technology, the Volvo Penta Boat Trim System (BTS) gives you perfect control over pitch and heel with rapid response, quicker onto the plane, lower fuel consumption and a more comfortable ride. 

The Volvo Penta Interceptor system automatically retracts when the engine shuts down. The trim tab system also offers greater lift and less drag, compared to conventional trim tabs. The BTS system uses an electronic actuator on each side with no hydraulics.

A fully automatic boat trim option is also available as an optional extra. This upgrade always provides automatic perfect trim for optimal onboard comfort and fuel economy and can be retro-fitted without the need to further lift the boat. 

This kit includes:

2 Interceptor units, 300mm wide
1 Helm control panel with LEDs
1 5 port control unit
2 x 4-pole cables, 2.5m long (Control unit to interceptors)
1 x 6-pole cable, 5 m long (Helm to engine bay) 

Volvo Penta part number: 23983553

Previous part number: 21914554

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