Volvo Penta Aluminium anode for 120S and MS25S Saildrive, Part Number 23973978

This is a one-piece ring Aluminium anode for a 120S, 120S-E and MS25S Saildrive.
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Volvo Penta Aluminium ring anode for a 120S and MS25S Saildrive.

This is the one-piece ring anode for a 120S, 120S-E and MS25S Saildrive.

If your anode is worn away by 33% or more, it is advisable to change it as more of its surface area has been worn away and the remaining anode will wear away much quicker. Volvo Penta has decided to replace all Zinc anodes with Aluminium. Never mix different anodes on any installation. They must all be of one metal type.  

The anode protects the drive, engine and propeller from corrosion due to electrical currents in the water. When you change your anode, make sure that it is not painted and that it has a good contact via the bolts and metal surface to the Saildrive. Please note this is a new Aluminium anode for saltwater and brackish water use. The magnesium version is only suitable for fresh water.  

Volvo Penta Part No: 23973978

For:120S, 120S-E and MS25 S

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