Volvo Penta Bearing Carrier, Part Number 873127

Volvo Penta Bearing Carrier, Part Number 873127. Ensuring you order the correct Saildrive bearing carrier for your Saildrive can be complicated. Please call us before ordering, with a serial number if possible. This can be found by the dipstick, on top of the Saildrive.
Manufacturer: Volvo Penta
SKU: 873127
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Genuine Volvo Penta Bearing Carrier.

This is the bearing carrier that sits behind the anode and propeller on a Saildrive. This bearing carrier holds the oil seals and two o-rings (not included) that protect the gearbox from saltwater ingress. There are different variants of bearing carriers for Saildrives and a serial number is helpful to make sure the correct bearing carrier is ordered. 

Volvo Penta Part No: 873127

For Volvo Penta Saildrives: Some 120S-C, Some 120S-D, some MS25S-R, at 2.19 or 2.47 ratio, some MS25SR-A at 2.19 or 2.47 ratio, using a one-part anode.

120S-E for series 873107


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