Volvo Penta D2 Series

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Technical specification: Current D2 series compact diesel range. Four-cylinder diesels, from 40hp to 75hp @3000 - 3200rpm.

The D2-40, D2-50, D2-55, D2-60 and D2-75 range of Volvo Penta diesels were built from 2005 to present day. The Volvo Penta D2 series are all 4-cylinder fresh water cooled engines, compact, quiet and environmentally efficient diesels. All D2 series meet BSO, EU RCD Stage II, US EPA Tier 3 emissions.

We can supply all parts for Volvo Penta D2-40, D2-50, D2-55, D2-60 and D2-75 diesels including a range of D2 series spare parts, oil filters and fuel filters, drive belts and impellers, genuine D2-40, D2-50, D2-55, D2-60 and D2-75 series exhaust elbows, oils and grease. We are also main Volvo Penta dealers.

On any Volvo D2, clean out the heat exchanger every 5 years and replace the O rings. Check the exhaust elbow to prevent a build-up of carbon and rust in the outer chamber every few years. This can cause the engine to hydraulic if not checked.

Volvo Penta D2-40, D2-50, D2-55, D2-60 and D2-75 genuine service parts are made to exacting standards. If you need helps with any technical issue regarding a Volvo Penta D2-40, D2-50, D2-55, D2-60 and D2-75, please call us.

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