Volvo Penta D3 Oil Filter, Part Number 8692305

Manufacturer: Volvo Penta
SKU: 8692305
Delivery date: 1-2 days
Retail Price: £18.60
You Pay: £17.67

Genuine Volvo Diesel Oil Filter for D3-A, D3-B and D3-C series D3 diesel engines.

Volvo Penta Part No: 8692305

For Volvo Penta diesel engines: D3-110, D3-130, D3-160, D3-130A-A, D3-160A, D3-160A-A, D3-110I-A, D3-130I-A, D3-160I-A, D3-130A-B, D3-130A-C, D3-190A-B, D3-190A-C, D3-160A-B, D3-160A-C, D3-110I-B, D3-110I-C, D3-130I-B, D3-130I-C, D3-160I-B, D3-160I-C, D3-190I-B, D3-190I-C

For Volvo Penta petrol engines: 4.3GL-P, 4.3GXI-P, 4.3GXI-Q, 5.0GL-J, 4.3GL-J, 4.3GXI-J, 5.0GXI-J, 5.7GXI-J, 5.7GI-300-J, 5.0GXI-P, 5.0GXiE-N

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