Volvo Penta diesel fuel filter and water separator, Part Number 22677639

This Volvo Penta fuel filter and water separator 22677639 with a fire-protected clear fuel bowl, is suitable for all Volvo Penta diesel engines and any other make of diesel engines from 13hp upwards.
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This Volvo Penta Racor type fuel filter and water separator 22677639 is suitable for all Volvo Penta diesel engines from 13hp. The benefit of this type of water fuel separator is that it is very easy to change the filter, whilst out at sea and has a fire-protected clear bowl which is a legal requirement now for clear bowl filters.

The Volvo Penta fuel water separator is installed between the fuel tank and the engine. The lower part of the filter has a clear bowl which shows whether water or other impurities such as diesel bugs are present in the fuel. There is a bottom drain plug to drain out any water or other contamination present. It is therefore easy to detect whether or not water or other impurities have accumulated.

Volvo Penta Part No: 22677639 - filter with a clear bowl and fire saucer that complies with applicable parts of RCD 2013/53/EU Harmonized standard EN ISO.

For: All Volvo Penta diesel engines where a quick and easy change of the water separator/ fuel filter is required. This filter protects the engines fuel system by stopping the diesel bug and water from progressing further and can be easily changed underway. Fits all engines of any make from 13hp up to 500hp diesel engines.

The flow rate max is 227 l/hour. The spare 10-micron fuel filter element is part number 861014 or a Racor 2010TM.

Please call to advise whether connecting to copper or rubber fuel line as these fittings are not included.

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