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Volvo Penta Diesel Service Parts

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We supply genuine Volvo Penta parts for all marine diesel's including the D1-13, D1-20, D1-30, D2-40, D2-50, D2-55, D2-60 and D2-75 diesel yacht series, MD2010, MD2020, MD2030, MD2040 diesel's, 2001, 2002, 2003, TAMD and KAD series. Why would you risk the safety of you, your family or your engine by using aftermarket parts?

Genuine Volvo Penta Diesel service parts are made to exacting standards to withstand the harsh saltwater environment in which marine diesel engines operate. We are happy to help with any technical issue and advise on service schedules and protocols to maintain your Volvo Penta diesel to schedule.

We also supply Volvo Penta Saildrive gator diaphragm seals, exhaust elbows, touch up paints, oils coolant and grease, drive bellows, plus a complete range of accessories. We stock Volvo Penta fixed and folding propellers and can help resize a propeller for any motorboat or yacht. We supply genuine parts both to the UK and abroad.

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