Volvo Penta DPI/ DPH, H Series "H10" Duoprop set, Part Number 22754010

Volvo Penta DPI and DPH, H10 size Stainless steel Duoprop propeller set.
Manufacturer: Volvo Penta
SKU: 22754010
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DPI and DPH H10 Stainless Duo-Prop propeller set.

This is a genuine H10 size Duo-prop set of propellers for the DPI and DPH Sterndrive. The large blade area provides maximum grip and better manoeuvrability  This set comes complete with shock-absorbing rubber bushing and galvanic isolation protection.

If your existing set is badly pitted or pink, then it's time to consider changing your props to this new stainless design before they fail.

If you are changing from the G series "Nibral" to the new stainless H series, a new H series cone kit, part number 23000185 will be required. In size, G10 corresponds to an H10 propeller set. Obviously, Nibral G series and H stainless propellers must not be mixed on any installation.

Genuine Volvo Penta propellers are covered by our standard 12-month warranty. If installed by us or another authorised dealer, we will extend your warranty to 24 months.

H is the stainless propeller type for a DPI and DPH Sterndrive, and 10 is the size of the Duo-prop set. The existing size should be stamped into your existing props. If you need help sizing the correct size for your boat, please contact us first.

Part Number: 22754010

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