Volvo Penta Easy Connect.

Now you can have your engine, boat and route data displayed directly on your smart device. All you need is the app and the Easy Connect Interface installed in your boat. By having your boat’s vital information in the palm of your hand, you can start exploring a more rewarding, fun and practical boat ownership – both onboard and when planning future trips from home. It’s easy to get going. Are you ready to meet your new crew member?
Manufacturer: Volvo Penta
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Boat owners can now take to the water with all the information they need in the palm of their hands. Volvo Penta’s new Easy Connect app gives boat owners access to engine, boat and route data – directly on their smartphone or tablet. The free-to-download app is paired with an onboard Easy Connect Bluetooth® interface installed in the boat, which transfers data. This gives instant live access while onboard and information for referencing later when back on land. Route history is automatically stored within the app, which is a perfect tool to plan for future trips.

Share the experience

Let your friends and family monitor the trip onboard with Easy Connect. The app lets them follow and save routes, with the possibility to share them on social media – while still keeping a curious eye on speed and heading. Routes and boat data are automatically stored in the Easy Connect app, and can later be accessed and shared from anywhere (sharing function requires an Internet connection).

Interact with your Volvo Penta dealer
Easy Connect makes it possible to share diagnostic trouble codes with your selected Volvo Penta dealer, including; serial number and engine hours. A useful function when booking a service or inspection – allowing your dealer to prepare service and help more efficiently.

Easy installed interface
To get started, the Easy Connect interface plugs directly into the EVC multilink at the helm station, or into the engine harness on non-EVC gasoline engines.

NMEA functionality
The Easy Connect interface includes NMEA2000 functionality. This means it can also be connected to an existing NMEA network within the boat. This enables you to access additional data from i.e. speed and depth sensors.

In addition, the Easy Connect interface can be used to convert engine data into NMEA2000-compatible chart plotters/multi-function displays onboard.


D1 and D2 compact yacht diesel engines

D1 and D2, produced from 2007 and later in single and twin non-EVC installations. (Note! Diagnostic trouble codes are not available in the Easy Connect app for D1 and D2)

Diesel and gasoline engines with Electronic Vessel Control (EVC)

D3, D4, D6, D8, D9, D11, D12, D13, V6 and V8 engines in single or twin installations. (Note! Diagnostic trouble codes are not available in the Easy Connect app for engines produced before 2009)

Gasoline engines – Non-EVC

Model year, 2006 and later in single and twin installations.

The product is available for diesel and gasoline engines with Electronic Vessel Control (EVC) in single, twin, triple and quadruple installations. It is also available for non-EVC gasoline engines from the model year 2006 and non-EVC diesel engines with MDI in single and twin installations.

Part Number 24273878: Interface kit, diesel* and gasoline with EVC.

Part Number 23194833: Interface kit, non-EVC gasoline MY 2006 and later.

Part Number 3883170: Adapter cable, non-EVC gasoline MY2006.


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