Volvo Penta folding propeller blade kit, 17 x 12 L/H, Part Number 21629198

Volvo Penta folding propeller blade kit, part number 21629198. Size 17 x 12, left-hand rotation suitable for any model Saildrive. For a complete propeller, a hub kit is also required.
Manufacturer: Volvo Penta
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Volvo Penta 2 blade folding propeller blade kit 17 x 12, left-hand rotation.

If you require help in sizing the correct propeller for your shaft or Saildrive, we can help using our Volvo Penta propeller calculator to ensure the correct size is purchased. Please call 01326 370060 for further assistance and to discuss your requirements.

The Volvo Penta 2-blade folding propeller is designed for engines between 5–40 hp and available in left-hand (for Saildrives) or right-handed rotation, generally used on a shaft. Volvo Penta folding propellers are available in multiple sizes and pitches for both Saildrives and shafts and they are made of extremely strong and durable Nibral (nickel-bronze-aluminium) alloy.

The Saildrive hub also has a shock-absorbing rubber bush to isolate it from the Saildrive and reduce stress on the gearbox caused by forward/ reverse gear changing. The hub also isolates the propeller from the Saildrive. Some aftermarket props can cause corrosion around the bearing housing by being electrically connected to the Saildrive shaft. A folding prop should always be isolated from the Saildrive, with its own anode.

Volvo Penta folding propellers improve the performance of your boat minimizing drag and increasing speed – up to 1.5 knots under sail, compared with a fixed propeller. In addition, the propeller profile also stops gearbox noise under sail, the risk of snagging ropes and nets when sailing.

At 6 knots, for example, a 2 blade fixed propeller produces more than five times the drag of a 2 blade folding propeller. This means a typical journey across the English Channel can be reduced by up to 4 hours thanks to lower drag.

Please note a hub kit is required to complete the installation.

Volvo Penta blade kit part number: 21629198

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