Volvo Penta MD and D2 diesel Glow Plug, Part Number 3583025

MD2010, MD2020, MD2030, MD2040, D2-55 D2-60 D2-75 diesel glow plug
Manufacturer: Volvo Penta
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Volvo Penta Glow Plug

Genuine MD2010 to MD 2040 series glow plug

If your diesel is hard to start when cold, even in the summer but starts when warm, then the glow plugs could be a cause.

Remember, your engine may require more than 1 glow plug.

MD2010 - 2 required
MD2020 - 3 required
MD2030 - 3 required
MD2040 - 3 required
D2-50F - 1 required
D2-55, B, C - 4 required
D2-55D, E, F - 1 required
D2-60 - 4 required
D2-60F - 1 required
D2-75 - 4 required
D2-75B, C, F - 1 required

Part number: 3583025

For: MD2010, MD2020, MD2030, MD2040

D2-75, D2-75B, D2-75C, D2-75F, D2-75A
D2-55A, D2-55B, D2-55C, D2-55D, D2-55E, D2-55F, D2-60F, D2-75B, D2-75C, D2-75F

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