Volvo Penta heat exchanger service kit for Volvo Penta 2002, 2003 engines

This kit contains the end cap O-rings and 4 seals to service a 2002, 2003 heat exchanger.
Manufacturer: Volvo Penta
SKU: 2002/2003 heat exchanger service kit
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Volvo Penta Service Kit for a freshwater cooled 2002 or 2003 fitted with a heat exchanger. 

This 2002 and 2003 heat exchanger service kit contains all the necessary O-rings and seals to remove, clean and service a 2002 or 2003, fitted with a heat exchanger. The heat exchanger on any Volvo Penta yacht engine under 75HP should be removed and cleaned every 5 years. The change interval for green coolant is every 2 years of use.

The coolant required to refill the system is approximately 4.5 litres for the Volvo Penta 2002 and 6 litres for the 2003 version.  

Kit contains part numbers:
829972 Endcap O-ring
829989 Endcap O-ring
418411 x 2- Seals
829714 x 2- Seals

Coolant capacity required- not included. (not including any calorifier fitted)
Volvo Penta 2002 - 4.2 litres
Volvo Penta 2003 - 5.5 litres

Volvo Penta Part No: 877194

For Volvo Penta Diesel engines: 2002, 2003 freshwater diesel engines.

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