Volvo Penta J Series, type J8 Duoprop propeller set, 21924268

Duoprop J series, type J8 propeller set for DP-E, DP, 290DP, 280DP and other Sterndrives.
Manufacturer: Volvo Penta
SKU: 21924268
Retail Price: £709.20
You Pay: £638.28

Volvo Penta Duoprop J series, type J 8 propeller set for DP-A, DP-B, DP-C, DP-D, DP-E, 280 DP, 290 DP Sterndrives.

This is the J type Duoprop set of propellers for the DP, 290-DP and 280 DP Sterndrives. The new J series is designed to replace A and B series when both the inner and outer props need replacing.

A series is equivalent to J series. B series to J series, add one number - IE B3 converts to J4

J series are made from a special high-strength aluminium alloy with four layers of paint for corrosion protection.

If your existing set is badly pitted, bent or the bushing worn, then its time to consider changing your props before they fail. A bent prop causes vibration risking water entering the lower gear case, through the drive shaft prop seals.

Genuine Volvo Penta propellers are covered by a 12-month warranty. Have them fitted by us or another authorised dealer, and we’ll extend your warranty to 24 months.

Duoprop Type J series is the new propeller type for a DP, 280 or 290 DP Sterndrive. J is the type and 8 is the size of the Duoprop set. The existing size should be stamped into your existing props. If you need help sizing the correct size J series propeller for your boat, please contact us first.

Part Number: 21924268

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