Volvo Penta M24 folding propeller shaft nut, Part Number 3587422

The M24 shaft nut, part number 3587422 is made of very high-quality alloys to withstand saltwater
Manufacturer: Volvo Penta
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Volvo Penta folding propeller shaft nut for M24 shaft thread.

Genuine M24 prop shaft nut for a Volvo Penta folding bronze propeller. These M24 shaft nuts are made of very high-quality alloys to withstand saltwater.

The folding propeller blades on a shaft should be removed, stripped, greased and reassembled before each season to ensure its correct operation using a high-quality grease such as  P/N 828250. Check the shaft nut for tightness and remove periodically to grease the thread and re-tighten.

Volvo Penta Part Number: 3587422

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