MD2020 models and varients

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Technical Specification: MD2020 series compact diesel range.
Three-cylinder diesel
19 hp at 3600 r.p.m.
Oil capacity, 3.4 litres of VDS 4.5 oil
Coolant capacity: 3 litres plus calorifier

The MD2020A, MD2020B, MD2020C, MD2020D diesel was made between 1993 and 2005.

The MD2020 was manufactured under the MD2020 and the MD2020-A to the MD2020-D ending in 2002. It was replaced by the D1-20 in 2005/6. Many service parts are common between the MD2020 models, but some parts including the heat exchanger are different. We can supply all parts for the Volvo Penta MD2020 range and offer technical advice on any aspect or issue. 

Volvo Penta MD2020 genuine service parts are made to exacting standards to withstand the harsh saltwater environment in which marine diesel engines operate. If you need help with any technical issue regarding your Volvo Penta MD2020, please call us.

The heat exchanger on any MD2020 variant should be cleaned every 5 years to prevent overheating. Any MD2020 should run on Volvo green coolant. Do not use VCS coolant in an MD2020. Mixing VCS yellow and green coolant can cause gelling and blockages within the cooling system.

The other part to check is the exhaust elbow. As a guide, the exhaust elbow, 861906 should be removed every 5 years, checked for blockages, and replaced every 8 to 10 years, as the outer water jacket of the exhaust can build up with rust and corrosion.

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