Volvo Penta Parts By Part Type

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Never jeopardize safety and performance or risk expensive repairs by fitting a non Genuine Volvo Penta part or using non Volvo trained service personnel.

Genuine Volvo Penta parts are made to exacting standards to withstand the harsh salt water environment in which marine engines operate. Some websites claim that their non OEM parts meet or exceed the quality of a Volvo Penta genuine part. This is clearly not the case. They are always inferior and in some cases dangerous.

Only fit Genuine OEM Volvo Penta parts to your engine to ensure the safety of you and your family out at sea.

Aftermarket parts are cheap because filters often contain inferior filtering media, impellers are often made from poor rubber compounds and in many cases, oil filters fail, due to cheap metal casings that rust, causing pin holing on the filter and the engine to sieze.

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