Volvo Penta petrol engine fuel pump filter, Part Number 3855104

Petrol engine fuel pump filter insert
Manufacturer: Volvo Penta
SKU: 3855104
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Genuine Volvo Penta Petrol engine fuel pump filter insert

Volvo Penta Part No: 3855104

For Volvo Penta petrol engines: 3.0GLP-A, 3.0GLP-B, 3.0GLM-A, 3.0GLM-B, 3.0GSP-A, 3.0GSP-B, 3.0GSP-C, 3.0GSM-A, 3.0GSM-B, 3.0GSM-C, 3.0GLM-C, 3.0GLP-C, 3.0GLP-D, 3.0GLP-E, 3.0GLP-J, 3.0GLP-N, 3.0GLMMDA, 3.0GSPMDA, 3.0GSMHUB, 3.0GSPHUB, 3.0GSMNCS, 3.0GSPNCS, 3.0GSMLKD, 3.0GSPLKD, 3.0GSMWTR, 3.0GSMWTS, 3.0GSPWTR, 3.0GSPWTS, 3.0GSMEFS, 3.0GSPEFS, 3.0GSMBY, 3.0GSPBY

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