Volvo Penta Saildrive Series

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Volvo Penta Saildrives, are a proven reliable drive system for yachts. The service parts list includes anodes, diaphragm seals, oils, shaft grease and shaft seals. The 110S, 120S, MS25S, 130S and 150S Saildrives run on VDS 3 engine oil, but the 120S-E version uses Volvo Penta 75/90 gear oil. Volvo Penta VDS 3, is specifically blended to be suitable for use in Saildrives and is the only engine oil that should be used.

It is important to use genuine anodes on a Volvo Saildrive. Volvo Penta anodes and made to exact specifications to protect the Saildrive from corrosion have seen several counterfeit anodes advertised on websites and their use can lead to a total loss of the Saildrive through corrosion.

Zinc anodes should be used in saltwater. A Magnesium version should be used for freshwater. In brackish water, an Aluminium version should be considered. A Saildrive anode in a marina may wear quicker due to the shore power systems around. If the anode is worn by more than a third, it will need to be changed, due to its surface area being reduced.

Saildrives propellers are available from us within this site. Non-OEM anodes never meet or exceed genuine Volvo Penta replacement anodes. If you require technical help with any aspect of your Saildrive, please call us.

Volvo Penta Saildrives should be serviced at the end of every season to ensure the oil is not emulsified, indicating that the shaft seals require changing. See our downloads section from the left-hand menu to download a list of oils for each Saildrive type.

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