Volvo Penta Sterndrive/ Saildrive drain plug, Part Number 3854539

This is the magnetic Saildrive or Sterndrive drain plug. The washer for this drain plug is part number 3855081.
Manufacturer: Volvo Penta
SKU: 3854539
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Saildrive/ Sterndrive drain plug for various drives listed below. If you are unsure as to which drain plug you require, please contact us at 01326 370060.

The corresponding rubber o-ring/ washer is part number 3855081

Volvo Penta Part No: 3854539

For: DPS-A, DPS-B, DP-G (upper gearcase)

Some MS25S, MS25S-A, MS25SR

130S, 130S-A, 130SR-A, 130S-B, 130SR-B, 130S-C, 130SR-C, 130SD, 130 SR-D

150S, 150S-A, 150SR-A, 150S-B, 150SR-B, 150S-C, 150SR-C, 150SD, 150SR-D

Some 120 and 120S-E Saildrives - please check if unsure. (lower gearcase)

Manufacturer: Volvo Penta

Volvo Penta Part Number: 3854539

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